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Concrete transport system

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The hopper, transportation line by a set of walking bracket, a set of transport hopper and a set of electrical control system and other four parts .The  flying bucket consists of a walking vehicle, a set of cylinder flipping mechanisms, a set of walking mechanisms and two sets of anti-collision suits place. For the quantitative transport of concrete between the mixing station and the fabric machine, by walking on a specific track, will be

Concrete is transported to the fabric machine.

1) The structure of a two-track suspension conveyor is adopted;

2) the use of two-track overhead layout, greatly improve the carrying weight, but also improve the stability of heavy-duty transport parts transport;

3) The two-rail intermediate non-carrying wheel drive mode is used to make the conveyor run evenly under force and make the system run more smooth;

4) Walking mechanism has the advantages of low noise and easy use, maintenance, easy operation, etc.

5) The flip device with brake control, according to the discharge amount and discharge speed self-control;

6) Automatic deceleration when approaching the cloth machine and mixing station, and automatically parking on arrival;

7) When flipping the feed, there is a protective device to prevent the material from splashing;

8) Remote control walking, easy to operate;

9) There is an audible and optical alarm device in the walk;

10) Walking has a safety anti-collision device, such as obstacles and other unexpected circumstances, can automatically stop and alarm prompt.

The electrical control system uses a sliding touchline to collect electricity, which is safe and reliable. The transporter is equipped with a readable position

signal, with feedback signal transmitted to the programmable controller of the central control cabinet. By programmable controller dispatch and direct the operation of the vehicle and carry out the process action. Control the direction of operation of the transport vehicle by remote control

Line different actions to reach the predetermined station. Slow down automatically when approaching the cloth machine and the mixing station, upon arrival

Parking will be automatically available.

The hopper and transport line structure is straight H-type steel, in which the inside H-type steel is equipped with four carrier wheel sets, the outer H-type steel is equipped with a traction trolley, four carrier wheel sets, and a power supply system is provided on the periphery of the H-type steel.

The tractor uses a spring-adjustable friction wheel drive. Advantages of this structure: two-track five-car side traction suspension hanging conveyor structure, overcoming the existing transport line in use can not turn defects, expand its use of the scope, The transportation system structure is simplified, the installation is convenient, the equipment manufacturing cost is low, and the low noise and use, maintenance and operation

Convenience and other advantages.


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