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Dry Batch Concrete Plant

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Environmentally friendly packaging, automatic open closed mode, no pollution; Profiled steel plate welding is adopted, and there is no secondary relocation cost.
Combined sump, sheet structure, small transportation size, can meet the requirements of container transportation.

Intelligent control, using instrument + PLC intelligent control, stable system, high measurement accuracy and simple operation.

Large volume batching machine: large volume discharge box loading width to reduce the loading pressure of loader; Double door mechanism, smooth blanking and effective use of hopper volume; The size of the door is adjusted to prevent jamming and splashing, and the force precision is high. Good security.

This plant adds dry concrete materials, water, and additives into a truck mixer all at once. The truck then rotates, simultaneously agitating the wet mix and transporting it to its destination.

The Macpex dry mix concrete mixing plant weighs sand, gravel and cement in batching systems, and discharges them into a truck mixer. Normally water also needed for batching then discharge with other materials into truck mixer together.

The dry batching system doesn’t have mixer not same like wet batching plant. Dry batching plants will usually see more variations in standard deviation of breaking strength and concrete quality changes from load to load. The dry mix concrete batching plant can be operated by full automatic control System.


● Fast installation and easy operation, convenient for transportation.
● No special requirement for foundation and low cost for installation.
● Lower maintenance costs compare to concrete batching plant.
● Specifications: PMD80
● Production rate: 80 m³/h
● Aggregate storage bins charging: 4 x 25 m³
● Aggregate weighing capacity: 2400 ~ 9600 kg
● Conveyor belt widt: 800 mm
● Cement weighing capacity: 600 kg
● Screw conveyor : 273  90 t/h
● Water supply: 46 m³/h
● Single cycle production: 2 ~ 4 m³
● Total power: 55 kW
● Discharge height: 3.8 m
● Air compressor: 1 m³/min
● Dust suction system: 54 m²
● Control room: 4 m

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