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Foundation free concrete batching plant

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The equipment of foundation free concrete mixing plant changes the frame on the basis of Standard mixing plant. The frame is thickened and more durable.

1. The frame structure of the batching system of the foundation free mixing plant increases the stability and stress area of the equipment.
2. The mixing unit and metering unit adopt frame structure, which are connected together by bolts, and the walking platform is connected by hinge. During transportation, it can be folded along the hinge point to reduce the transportation space.
3. The electrical system adopts the form of quick plug connector, which reduces the installation cycle of the equipment.
4. According to the size of the site, a more suitable mixing plant can be customized, which can be made into a zigzag and L-shape.
5. It saves a lot of foundation time and is more convenient to install.
6. The foundation free mixing station is more suitable for the project mixing station, because the construction of the project station is urgent, and it will be moved to the next construction site at the end of the construction period. For cement silo, it is generally recommended to use horizontal cement silo to facilitate later movement.

The foundation free concrete mixing plant is a new type of concrete mixing plant equipment with simple installation, no need to build cement foundation and convenient disassembly and relocation based on the needs and feedback of some users.
The foundation free mixing plant is also five systems, including automatic control system, material storage system, metering system, conveying system and mixing system, so as to realize the mixing production of concrete. There are two forms to build a new foundation free mixing station: container type foundation free mixing station and steel structure foundation free mixing station.
The foundation free concrete mixing plant is convenient for transportation, fast installation and easy migration. It is applicable to the concrete mixing supply of various hydropower, highway, port, airport, bridge and other construction projects, as well as the construction of commercial concrete mixing stations.
The foundation free mixing plant can save a lot of foundation time. It is not that the foundation is not made, but the foundation is shallower and hardened. It also saves a lot of time and cost of foundation. It is also more convenient to move the site in the later stage.
The price of 90 Free Foundation mixing plant shall be determined according to the final configuration


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