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Horizontal silo

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1. After the storage bin is fixed, the cement is transported to the construction site by the bulk cement truck, then the transmission pipeline of the bulk cement truck is connected with the feed pipeline of the cement bin (cement tank), and the cement in the tank is transmitted to the cement bin (cement tank) through the gas pressure of the bulk cement truck.

2. In the process of conveying cement to the storage bin, the operator continuously presses the button of the vibration motor of the dust collector to shake off the cement attached to the cloth bag of the dust collector to prevent blocking the cloth bag and bin explosion.

3. Once the cloth bag is blocked and the pressure in the warehouse exceeds the pressure of the pressure valve on the top of the warehouse, the pressure valve can be opened to release the pressure in the warehouse to prevent warehouse explosion.

4. Through the high and low material levels, it can be observed that the warehouse is full and short.

5. When discharging is required, the manual discharge valve at the bottom of the cone shall be opened first, and then the cement shall be transported out through the cement conveyor (screw conveyor).

matters needing attention

1). Check the horizontal cement tank before commencement. Before starting the cement tank, check each controller to see whether it is good and reliable. After shutdown, pour water and stones into the mixing drum for 10-15 minutes, and then clear the objects in the tank. During cleaning, it should be noted that the electric switch must be closed and guarded by a specially assigned person.

2). Cleaning method of horizontal cement tank. It is necessary to clean the cement tank regularly, but most users do not master the skills during cleaning, and the cement tank may be deformed or the paint may be damaged due to excessive force. Therefore, it is forbidden to use a sledgehammer to knock the concrete accumulated in the bulk cement tank during the cleaning process, and only a chisel can be used.

3). Regular maintenance and repair. When cement tanks are used in some sites, they are not maintained, and the color of the paint skin on the surface can not be recognized after a long time of erosion. Some users may think this is not important. In fact, it is not. The maintenance, repair, cleaning, lubrication and refueling of cement tanks can not be ignored, and the details that need to be paid attention to must be strictly implemented.


Horizontal silo Dimension KW Volume
50T 6000*2900*2580mm 7.5+5 25 m3
80T 11300*2900*2580mm 11+5 50 m3
100T 12100*2500*2800mm 11+7.5 60 m3 

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