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Development trend of vertical radial extrusion pipe making machine

Development trend of vertical radial extrusion pipe making machine

Edit Development trend of vertical radial extrusion pipe making machine

Intelligent control system is a man-machine integration system composed of intelligent machine and human. Human and intelligent machine cooperate with each other, which can partially replace human mental labor in the process of production and manufacturing. The starting point of cement product industry is low, so the development of intelligent manufacturing can greatly improve the production management level, product quality and production efficiency, and greatly reduce the production cost.

The intelligent vertical radial extrusion pipe making machine has the functions of data acquisition, data precipitation, data analysis, effective calculation and output, intelligent judgment, intelligent execution, etc. in addition to collecting data information in real time for the system to implement automatic control, it can also adjust parameter settings within a limited range to ensure that the equipment operates in the best state for a long time. At the same time, combined with text and image display, it is not only convenient for the operator to comprehensively monitor the operation dynamics of the equipment, but also when the equipment fails, the maintenance personnel can quickly find and eliminate the fault. In addition, make statistics on the number of products produced and the running time of some motors, so as to facilitate the production management of the workshop and the maintenance of equipment. With the increase of equipment running time, the precipitation of data acquisition increases, and the reliability of the system also improves.

green environmental protection.

In recent years, the national standards for energy conservation and consumption reduction in industrial manufacturing have been gradually improved. The national development and Reform Commission issued document No. 38, which requires strict restraint of overcapacity in some industries, which puts forward higher requirements for energy consumption in the cement industry. The first is the greening of pipe making materials, which can reduce the emission of pollution; Secondly, in the production process, intelligent production can ensure that the equipment runs in the best state for a long time, so as to greatly improve production efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

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