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Special dry powder mortar production line

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(1) The hourly output is 80 ~ 100 tons and the annual output is 500000 tons. It is of one-stop structure

(2) Fluidized bed furnace is adopted for drying, and biomass fuel or coal can be used as fuel

(3) Raw materials can be river sand + machine-made sand + stone powder aggregate, with intelligent control

(4) The sand head is circularly broken inside the equipment and 100% reused

Complete set of special dry powder mortar equipment

Overview of complete equipment for special dry powder mortar:

It mainly produces 40 tons, 60 tons and 80 tons by time. The drying part can generally be optimized according to the size of the site. River sand can be dried by using coal, biomass fuel, natural gas and other energy forms as needed. The three-way drying structure is adopted, with high energy consumption utilization. The main building adopts tower structure. The powder silo and admixture silo are installed on the top of the main building, and the equipment installation of metering layer, mixer layer, finished product warehouse, control room, bulk machine and packaging machine is carried out from top to bottom. According to the formula requirements of mortar, the ordinary dry powder mortar can be produced immediately after accurate batching by computer and mixing by the mixing host. Most of the special mortar can also be manufactured according to the formula. The whole process adopts automatic operation mode.

Product features of complete set of special dry powder mortar equipment:

(1) Energy efficient drying system:

1. The process layout is reasonable, the structure is compact, and various combustion furnaces can be flexibly configured.

2. Three return drying cylinder structure is adopted, with high thermal efficiency and small floor area.

3. All kinds of motors and fans adopt domestic famous brands and work reliably.

4. High power motor adopts frequency conversion control with low energy consumption.

5. The system adopts interlocking control technology to monitor the temperature, speed and current in real time.

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