Foam cement making pump machine

● Computer control
● PLC computer control unit
● Fine and accurate density adjustment
● Foam is delicate, foam is fine and stable
● The construction surface can be naturally leveled



    Product Details


    Foam Concrete Pump  Machine

    The FM series cement foaming machine adopts digital control technology, which can continuously and accurately adjust the density of foam cement,
    and can meet the production of various density foam cement products.
    The small home decoration cement foaming machine model is FM05B/FM10B, also known as a micro cement foaming machine.
    It has a simple structure and can be used indoors. It is mainly designed for small-scale construction such as rural renovation, urban residential construction, urban housing construction, building renovation, new houses, self built houses, or internal and external wall construction, roof concrete column filling, etc.
    It is suitable for various cement products such as lightweight foam bricks, lightweight insulation boards, cement foam boards, etc Cement foam bricks, exterior wall
    insulation materials, lightweight insulation blocks, small cement injection molds, masonry casting parts, refractory materials, and prefabricated processing of fire door cores.
    Performance characteristics
    1. Computer control: PLC computer control unit, electrical box equipped with remote control handle, all functions can be remotely operated wirelessly
    2. Digital adjustment: digital control is adopted for foam dosage, and the density adjustment is fine and accurate
    3. Delicate foam: the finished product has high quality, smooth surface, and fine and stable foam
    4. Natural leveling: The construction surface can be naturally leveled without the need for secondary construction
    5. Automatic dilution: The foaming solution is automatically mixed and diluted according to the set water ratio in the machine, reducing labor intensity and human error
    6. Hydraulic pumping: Adopting a double cylinder fully hydraulic pushing mechanism, the outlet pressure is high, and the horizontal conveying can reach 500-1600 meters,
    and the vertical conveying can reach 80-200 meters, which can meet the needs of high-rise buildings
    7. Cooling method: The hydraulic system adopts an advanced air cooling system to replace the water cooling system, avoiding the trouble of connecting to the drainage pipe
    8. Portable mobility: Vehicle mounted working mode with walking wheels, which can be moved on the ground or used on the vehicle
    Applicable scope
    1. Roof insulation, including insulation layer and sloping layer;
    2. Floor heating or sound insulation cushion layer:
    3. Foundation pit filling and lightweight concrete filling for basements, bridges, tunnels, and other structures:
    4. External insulation of foam concrete external wall and internal insulation of external wall;
    5. Industrial pipeline insulation, refractory furnace and kiln cast-in-place insulation:
    6. All kinds of cast-in-situ foam concrete walls, cast-in-situ light steel villas walls or projects:
    7. Production of retaining walls, foam  concrete blocks, lightweight wallboards, fire door cores, and fire barriers.
    Lightweight block
    Block mould:



    The foam concrete making station:


    Model FM05B FM10B FM20B FM30D FM05B FM10B FM20B FM30D
    Productivity 3~5m3/h 8~10m3/h 16~12m3/h 25~30m3/h 3~5m3/h 8~10m3/h 16~12m3/h 25~30m3/h
    Horizontal distance 300m 300m 500m 500m 800m 1200m 1200m 1600m
    Vertical distance 40m 80m 80m 120m 160m 160m 200m 200m
    Motor power 4.5kw 7.7kw 21kw 28kw 31kw 31kw 42kw 42kw
    Mixing trough volume 200L 350L 580L 580L 580L 580L 735L 735L
    Mixer hopper height 880mm 1000mm 1100mm 1100mm 1100mm 1100mm 1100mm 1100mm
    Weight 910kg 1000kg 1400kg 1420kg 1480kg 1480kg 1630kg 1630kg

    Customer FAQs

    Please get free consultant for your questions.

    We can customize the equipment like make bigger batch machine or silo,make higher discharge gate of silo.

    Yes, for example in China is 380v, 50Hz, in KSA is 380v, 60Hz, we have to adjust the motor accordingly.

    We normally use standard container to load the goods, sometimes use flat rack or Ro-Ro for truck pump these big size goods.

    Normally 30 to 40 days. If in  the peak of production the delivery of goods will more longer time.

    For our company payment term mainly is TT 30% deposit the balance money by copy of BL at sight and LC st sight. if you become our old client we also can do DP or OA 30 days.

    Yes, you can assign SGS/BV or others to inspect goods before shipment.

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