MB25 mobile batching plant shipment

On June 30th the 25m3 mobile concrete batching plant was delivered during the hot night, all our works overcome the high temperature challenge loaded one complete plant into one 40 feet container. This our special design to compact the goods in one container that can save too much cost of freight for customer.

Trench forming machine delivery

On My1st one set drainage forming slip machine was successfully loaded in Our factory. The destination is Beira port and after 40 days was well received by our customer.

Foam concrete mixing pump machine introduction

Applicable scope: 1. Roof insulation, including insulation layer and sloping layer;2. Floor heating or sound insulation cushion layer:3. Foundation pit filling and lightweight concrete filling for basements, bridges, tunnels, and other structures:4. External insulation of foam concrete external wall and internal insulation of external wall;5. Industrial pipeline insulation, refractory furnace and kiln cast-in-place insulation:6. All […]

10m3 concrete foam making machine shipment

Operation guidance for foam making machine: 1. connect every part like the picture The yellow pipe with filter screen put into the finished dilute foam agent barrel   ( before use the foam agent : water is 1:40 to dilute), 2. 1control panel the red mark to open up . 2.2 foaming system Before run this […]

HGY-17 concrete placing boom was loaded into container

placing boom

On December15th one unit HGY-17 potable concrete placing boom delivered successfully. This type of placing boom is mobile and cost effective combined used with trailer pump at jobsite. Item HGY17 Max. placing radius(m) 17 Big arm length(m) 6.66 Big arm elevation(°) 0~75 Medium arm length(m) 5.73 Medium arm elevation(°) 0~180 Small arm length(m) 4.61 Small […]

MB80-13-129R diesel concrete pump delivery

On 20th September, 2023 one unit trailer type concrete diesel pump loaded in our factory, this is our customer ordered it second times. This is diesel type and more convenient using in some rural area without power. Its features: Items Units Parameters MB80-13-129R Whole performance of machine Max. theo. concrete output (L./H.) m3/h 80/61 Max.concrete […]

New project commissioning successfully

Our new MB-60 mobile batching plant was commissioning successfully on customer construction site in April 12, 2023. This high standard batching plant was customized specially by customer. Mixer is SICOMA MEO750, SICOMA screw conveyor, the gearbox is outside type that can easy maintenance if have problem. The feature of MB-60 mobile batching plant: Main features 1. […]

Classification of concrete batching plant

Classification of concrete batching plant:  1. Classification according to the mixing plant structure: Concrete mixing stations are divided into fixed mixing stations and mobile mixing station. At present, modular and easy splicing design is also adopted in most fixed mixing stations, which are mainly used in large commercial concrete manufacturers, with good stability and anti-interference. The mobile […]

On September10th, 1 unit self loading mixer MK4.0 and four unit diesel engine drum mixer were loaded successfully in our workshop.

Here are characteristics for MK4.0 Drum capacity 5.5m³ Concrete output 4m³。 Loading ratio 76% Rotary drum Discharge mouth height 1.8 meters.Level turn 290 ° (options) Production capacity 4 batches in an hour.16 cubic meters per hour ENGINE Yuchai YC4A125Z, diesel, water cooling, 4 cylinders.2,200 revolutions per minute, rated power 92KW. transmission way Full hydraulic drive.4 […]

Concrete mixing pump delivery

This month one unit concrete mixing pump delivered to customer, here we introduce features of this pump. Main features of concrete mixing trailer pump: 1. With walking wheel, the guide wheel can turn 360 degrees, which is convenient and flexible for movement and positioning. 2. In the working state, four outriggers are used to fix […]

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