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Mobile concrete batching plant

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Macpex mobile concrete mixing plant is divided into traction type and trailer type. The trailer type chassis contains complete front and rear axles; The traction chassis has only the rear axle, and the front end is placed on the tractor saddle axle.

Main features

1. Quick disassembly and convenient movement during transfer: except for screw conveyor and cement bin, the front end of the whole mixing plant can be dragged and moved; For others, if the walking platform and heightening plate are folded, all control cables do not need to be removed. The removed accessories can be taken away with the station. The mobile mixing plant of is equipped with tires, traction pins, traffic signal devices and braking system. The maximum allowable speed of the trailer can reach 40 km / h.
2. During installation: if the ground is flat and solid, there is no need for foundation, and production can be carried out on the same day, which is very suitable for units with tight construction period.
3. Storage: if the equipment is not used temporarily, the transportation state during transfer transportation shall be maintained

Structure composition

1. Main engine chassis: the mixing main engine chassis in cantilever shape, which contains the traction pin and parking leg of the trailer truck; The measuring scale of mixer, cement and water admixture is placed on the chassis; Patrol walking platform, railing, etc. are attached around.
2. Control room: the control room is at the bottom of the chassis of the main machine and is equipped with a fully automatic control system of the mixing plant. The control system is the same as that of the fixed mixing plant. In the working state, the control room is used as the front support point of the whole station. During transfer transportation, the control room is stowed in the space in the support; All control circuits do not need to be disassembled.
3. Aggregate batching measurement: this system is located at the rear end of the whole station, and the upper part is the aggregate (sand and stone) storage hopper. The storage hopper can be divided into 2 or 4 grids, and an heightening plate is set to increase the storage capacity. The door is opened pneumatically in turn. Aggregate measurement is a cumulative measurement method of various materials. The bottom is equipped with walking rear axle and frame legs during operation.
4. Belt conveyor frame: the frame is a truss structural member connecting the host chassis and aggregate batching frame, with a belt frame inside; The main frame, belt frame and batching frame are integrated to form the main structure of the whole mobile mixing plant
5. Peripheral components: cement silo and screw conveyor. The peripheral components are integral components during operation or transportation without disassembly, so they can be transported and disassembled as a whole.
6. Mixing machine: JS type forced mixer is generally used, which can quickly and evenly mix the fluidity and dry and hard concrete.


Model MB-25 MB-35 MB-60 MB-90
Theo capacity/hour 25 35 60 90
Mixer 500 750 1000 1500
PLD PLD800 PLD1200 PLD1600 PLD2400
Silo 50t 100t 100tX2 100tX4
Power 60kw 80kw 100kw 210kw
Discharge height 3.8m 3.8m 3.8m 3.8m

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