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    1. Control room

    (1) The elevated control room can fully monitor the site conditions.

    (2) The periphery is made of high-quality corrugated plate, which is atmospheric and beautiful.

    (3) High overall strength, no deformation during hoisting and durable.

    (4) Humanized design, large internal space and complete supporting facilities.

    (5) With windows on all sides, it has sufficient light and wide vision, which is convenient for production observation.

    2. Water tank and admixture tank

    (1) The whole package has good tightness and no leakage to ensure the production quality.

    (2) Compact structure, ensuring production needs and saving equipment land occupation.

    (3) The periphery is equipped with liquid level display equipment to monitor the storage and use at any time.

    (4) Large storage capacity, fully meet the production requirements.

    3. Batching machine

    (1) Module design, neat and beautiful, considering the use of materials and stable structure.

    (2) The storage capacity of raw materials is large, which reduces the feeding times and saves manpower.

    (3) Double discharge doors and vibrators are adopted to ensure accuracy and smooth discharge.

    Technical Features:

    1. Modular design, fast installation and finished products in five days

    During the installation process the local assembly of the first mock exam station is carried out. Each module is installed locally. The installation of the whole local mixing station can be completed by the whole frame. The installation is time-saving, labor-saving, and quick and convenient.

    2. Low construction investment, small floor area and fast return

    In the process of equipment installation and site selection, there is no need to make complex foundation. As long as the hardness bearing capacity and flatness of the site can meet the equipment requirements, the equipment can be completed without foundation installation and production.

    3. Convenient transfer and flexible relocation. Just leave

    Modular assembly is adopted in the installation process of the mixing plant. When it needs to be relocated, local modules can also be disassembled, so as to realize the overall relocation of the local large frame of the mixing equipment, which is convenient and fast.

    4. The program has a high-end image and is easy to operate and learn

    ● adopt computer network and computer automatic control technology to standardize the management and control of the whole process of concrete production.

    ● it has the functions of proportioning, storage and adjustment, and can effectively adjust relevant control parameters.

    ● the production data storage related to the equipment can be viewed and printed in various forms at any time.

    ● the graphical design of the control panel prompts the production operation, and the production management is easy and free.

    ● the control system is diversified and can be equipped with multiple languages.

    5. The operation is safe and stable, and the product quality and quantity are guaranteed

    ● the overall structural stability of the mixing plant is good, and the vibration amplitude is small during production and operation, so as to ensure the accurate and stable operation of the equipment and reduce the probability of maintenance.

    ● the German steel wire rope is selected, the feeding of the lifting bucket is stable, the four-point limit anti impact roof, and the safety factor is high.

    ● the material of the batching machine is thick and heavy to maximize its bearing capacity and storage capacity.

    6. Regular after-sales inspection, long-term maintenance and home service

    ● within the “three guarantees period”, major provinces and cities provide 24-hour after-sales service.

    ● at regular intervals, special after-sales engineers will go to the customer’s site for regular equipment inspection and personnel training.

    ● regularly carry out return visit and exchange, analyze and solve the circular search service of various technical requirements, and let customers feel the real, fast, active and considerate service.

    7. At the call of the state, energy conservation and environmental protection

    While contributing to the national construction cause, it also ensures to leave a blue sky to the motherland. In the production process of the mixing plant, all powder materials are carried out in a sealed state. The cement bin is equipped with an environmental protection dust collector, which greatly reduces the environmental pollution caused by dust and noise, and firmly supports the national environmental protection policy.

    8. The structural design is ingenious and convenient for international export

    The overall design of the mixing plant is flexible, and each part of the structure can be loaded into containers for export transportation.

    Customer FAQs

    Please get free consultant for your questions.

    We can customize the equipment like make bigger batch machine or silo,make higher discharge gate of silo.

    Yes, for example in China is 380v, 50Hz, in KSA is 380v, 60Hz, we have to adjust the motor accordingly.

    We normally use standard container to load the goods, sometimes use flat rack or Ro-Ro for truck pump these big size goods.

    Normally 30 to 40 days. If in  the peak of production the delivery of goods will more longer time.

    For our company payment term mainly is TT 30% deposit the balance money by copy of BL at sight and LC st sight. if you become our old client we also can do DP or OA 30 days.

    Yes, you can assign SGS/BV or others to inspect goods before shipment.

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