Putty powder production line



    Product Details


    Production capacity: 30000-100000 tons / year
    Product material: mainly carbon steel + some stainless steel

    Product potential

    different proportions of raw materials can be used to produce interior wall putty and exterior wall putty; Interior wall series: ordinary putty, mirror putty, putty, humidity control and air filtration putty, anion putty.

    1. Raw material storage equipment
    The automatic putty powder production equipment is used to store bulk raw materials. Generally, the tank design is used and the tank truck is used for feeding. During the construction of the project, two small raw material storage tanks shall be added to store small raw materials, such as rubber powder, additives, etc.

    2. Batching plant
    It is composed of hopper metering scale, feeding dragon, discharging device, micro material adding device and computer control system. It can automatically measure plutonium and raw materials according to the formula, reduce labor intensity and environmental pollution, and ensure the product quality of putty powder.

    3. Mixer
    There are a variety of mixer options, such as double screw cone mixer, plow mixer, screw belt mixer, double shaft paddle weightless mixer, etc.
    The requirements for putty powder mixer are: uniform mixing, multi-directional, high efficiency, anti friction of equipment and fast unloading speed. In the putty powder production line, biaxial paddle weightless mixer and plow mixer are widely used.
    Plow mixer – suitable for mixing and liquid mixing of fibrous materials.

    4. Packaging machine
    There are open pockets and valve pockets. The valve pocket packing machine is widely used for putty powder, because the valve pocket packing does not need seam. As long as one person operates, the open pocket packing scale can pack several kinds of materials, but seam is required after bagging. Relatively speaking, the benzene formation of the bag is slightly lower (the bag can be recycled), but the packaging speed is slightly slow. Compared with the valve pocket packing machine, the operator of this packing machine needs to be increased by one person.

    5. Dust collector
    It is used to recover the dust in the dry powder mortar production line, which is conducive to environmental protection. It is generally set at the top of the cement silo, the material conveying port of the hoist, etc.
    Recommended equipment: pulse dust collector

    6. Conveying and lifting structure
    The material conveying methods used in the silo of the production line include horizontal conveying and vertical conveying. Screw conveyor can be used for horizontal conveying, and bucket elevator is generally used for vertical conveying.



    Total KW






    Dimension (mm)






















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    Putty powder production line (1)

    Putty powder production line (2)

    Putty powder production line (4)

    Putty powder production line (3)

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    We can customize the equipment like make bigger batch machine or silo,make higher discharge gate of silo.

    Yes, for example in China is 380v, 50Hz, in KSA is 380v, 60Hz, we have to adjust the motor accordingly.

    We normally use standard container to load the goods, sometimes use flat rack or Ro-Ro for truck pump these big size goods.

    Normally 30 to 40 days. If in  the peak of production the delivery of goods will more longer time.

    For our company payment term mainly is TT 30% deposit the balance money by copy of BL at sight and LC st sight. if you become our old client we also can do DP or OA 30 days.

    Yes, you can assign SGS/BV or others to inspect goods before shipment.

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