Instructions of using concrete mixer


1. Before the operation of the concrete mixer: before the operation of the concrete mixer, it needs to be checked and tightened to ensure normal operation. The protective cover shall be installed on the large gear ring, belt pulley and other parts. Foreign matters shall not be stuck in the mixing drum, moving parts, support transmission, bucket door, bin door and track.

2. Mixer running:

1). During feeding, it is forbidden to put your head or hand deep into the hopper and frame. During operation, stretch into the mixing drum to scrape and unload. Tools or hands are not allowed.

2). When raising the hopper, it is forbidden to work or walk under the hopper. The hopper shall be provided with a pillow at the bottom of the pit, and the hopper shall be fixed with a chain when the pit is cleaned.

3). Add materials to the mixing drum during operation, and add new materials after unloading all raw concrete in the mixer. Except for reverse unloading, do not stop the mixer halfway or start the mixer when the mixer is fully loaded.

4). During operation, if it cannot run due to failure, it is necessary to cut off the power supply in time and clean the concrete in the mixing drum.

3. After the operation of the mixer: when the concrete mixing is completed or is expected to stop for more than 1 hour, in addition to removing the remaining materials, pour clean water and stones into the vibrating bucket, open the mixer, clean the mortar attached to the bucket and discharge it. There shall be no ponding in the barrel to prevent the blade and barrel from rusting. At the same time, the dust accumulated outside the mixing drum shall be cleaned to keep the machine clean and intact.

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