Trailer type concrete pump by diesel

● PLC programmable computer control
● Adopting dual cylinder full hydraulic pumping
● Horizontal 400 meters to 500 meters, vertical 150 meters to 180 meters
● Convenient to move
● Large volume hydraulic oil tank



    Product Details


    HBT series concrete conveying pump
    Concrete Delivery Pump

    Concrete pumps are divided into towed concrete pumps, vehicle mounted pumps, and pump trucks based on their structure and purpose. They are also divided into electric concrete delivery pumps and diesel powered concrete delivery pumps based on their power types. Concrete pumps are divided into piston type, compression type, and water pressure diaphragm type according to their structural forms. The pump body is installed on the chassis of the car, and then equipped with retractable or folding fabric rods to form a pump truck. Among them, the trailer concrete pump is mainly used for pouring concrete into high-rise buildings in construction and construction sites, also known as concrete conveying pump, trailer pump, ground pump, etc., composed of pump body and pump pipe. This device is one of our company’s traditional products.

    To meet the needs of outdoor construction sites and other non powered work environments, Macpex has launched a concrete conveying pump powered by diesel engines. The pump integrates mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic technologies, and the power system uses diesel engines that meet emission standards. It has the advantages of reliable performance, smooth operation, and convenient maintenance. It can operate stably in harsh environments, solving the problem of power free operation.

    In addition, the HBT diesel powered concrete pump of Macpex adopts the “automatic adjustment of diesel engine speed” technology. During the pumping process, the speed of the diesel engine is detected by the speed sensor and transmitted to the control computer. The change in pumping pressure will cause corresponding changes in the diesel engine speed. The control computer controls the throttle motor to increase or decrease the throttle based on the detected speed change, automatically adjusting the diesel engine to operate at an appropriate speed state, The goal of achieving smooth and reliable pumping operations and saving fuel has been achieved.

    Performance characteristics
    1. Electrical system: The entire machine is PLC programmable and controlled by a computer. The control circuit adopts optimized design, and the operation is simple. Equipped with a wireless remote control for easy remote operation.
    2. Pumping system: Adopting dual cylinder full hydraulic pumping improves work efficiency and reduces failure rate.
    3. S-pipe distribution valve (utility model patent number ZL 2015 2 0154080.6): equipped with a floating wear-resistant ring, automatically compensating for wear, good sealing, simple and reliable structure, improving work efficiency, and reducing maintenance costs. It has two working modes: low-pressure large displacement and high-pressure small displacement.
    4. Reversing system: Adopting electric and hydraulic control for reversing, with sensitive response and good stability.
    5. High outlet pressure: Horizontal conveying can reach 400-500 meters, and vertical conveying can reach 150-180 meters, which can meet the conveying requirements of high-rise buildings and long-distance construction.
    6. Cooling system: Hydraulic oil cooling adopts an oil air cooler cooling system with high cooling power, ensuring that the working oil temperature of the hydraulic system is controlled below 60 ℃, eliminating the limitation of water source for water-cooled radiators, making construction convenient and equipment easy to move.
    7. Hydraulic oil circuit: Adopting an open hydraulic system, the reversing speed is improved and the efficiency is higher.
    8. Anti pump function: With anti pump function, it adopts automatic pressure protection to reduce pipeline blockage, improve work efficiency, and extend the service life of pipelines.
    9. Hydraulic oil tank: using large capacity liquid accumulation


    Diesel Concrete pump MD20-08-40R MD30-10-48R MD40-11-60R MD50-13-66R MD60-13-90R MD60-16-120R MD80-13-120R MD80-16-129R MD90-16-176R
    Theo conveying capacity (m3/h) high pressure 12 16 19 22 29 41 48 45 56
    low pressure 21 30 43 50 58 62 80 76 94
    Theo conveying pressure (MPa) high pressure 8 9.5 11 13 13 16 13 16 16
    low pressure 4.2 4.5 5.3 6.2 6.4 9.2 6.4 9.2 9.2
    Conveying height (m) level 350 400 450 550 550 650 550 650 650
    vertical 110 130 150 180 180 220 180 220 220
    Rated power of the main power system (Kw) 39.6 56 66 82 112 120 120 129 176
    Diesel engine fuel consumption (L/h) 5.8 8.3 10 12.5 15.8 19.5 19.5 21 28
    Distribution valve form S valve S valve S valve S valve S valve S valve S valve S valve S valve
    Distribution valve form 20/25 25/30 25/30/40 25/30/40 40/50 40/50 40/50 40/50 40/50
    Concrete slump (mm) 100-230 100-230 100-230 100-230 100-230 100-230 100-230 100-230 100-230
    Power type Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel
    Loading volume (m3) 0.4 0.4 0.5 0.5 0.6 0.6 0.6 0.6 0.6
    Loading height (mm) 1200 1180 1300 1350 1400 1400 1400 1400 1400
    Weight 2500 3100 3360 4000 4800 6000 6600 6600 6800
    Dimensions(mm) 4300x1670x1680 4300x1670x1680 4850x1670x2070 5000x1670x2070 5465X1850X1850 6500x2160x2600 6500x2230x2600 6500x2230x2600 6500x2230x2600

    Customer FAQs

    Please get free consultant for your questions.

    We can customize the equipment like make bigger batch machine or silo,make higher discharge gate of silo.

    Yes, for example in China is 380v, 50Hz, in KSA is 380v, 60Hz, we have to adjust the motor accordingly.

    We normally use standard container to load the goods, sometimes use flat rack or Ro-Ro for truck pump these big size goods.

    Normally 30 to 40 days. If in  the peak of production the delivery of goods will more longer time.

    For our company payment term mainly is TT 30% deposit the balance money by copy of BL at sight and LC st sight. if you become our old client we also can do DP or OA 30 days.

    Yes, you can assign SGS/BV or others to inspect goods before shipment.

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