Mobile horizontal cement silo


Mobile horizontal cement silo

al cement silo


The horizontal cement silo, like the ordinary column type cement tanks, has 30 tons, 50 tons, 60 tons, 80 tons, 100 tons, 150 tons, 200 tons and other cement tanks, and can be provided with a double-layer design scheme, which can be designed according to the needs of customers.

Horizontal mobile cement silo – cement tank is a kind of cement tank that meets the needs of the market. Most of these customers who have limited places and need to move places often choose horizontal cement tanks. What are the advantages of horizontal cement silo?

Advantages of horizontal cement tank;

The horizontal cement silo is a new type of silo integrated into the current environmental protection situation. Its cabin height is low, and there are many cylinder legs, usually more than 6, which can avoid the basic inconvenience. This is why the horizontal cement silo is loved by everyone.


Advantage 1: no foundation, easy installation.

The Macpex horizontal cement silo is composed of several legs, lower cone, cabin, feeding pipe, ladder, safety explosion-proof valve, etc., which can disperse the force. As long as the pavement is hardened under the horizontal cement tank, it can be placed and applied, eliminating the inconvenience of foundation and embedded parts, and saving costs.


Advantage 2: low height and wide application fields.

The discharge cone of the horizontal cement silo is a square cone, the cabin is a structure composed of profiled plates and aluminum materials, and is welded by electric welding. The height of the silo is 2.9 meters. For the column type cement tank, even if the 50 ton cement silo with small tonnage is installed, the height is nearly 9 meters. However, the overall height of the horizontal cement tank is slightly lower, which is especially suitable for placing in the plant area. It is unnecessary to dismantle the top of the industrial plant for installation.


Advantage 3: no need to do external sealing, reducing costs.

The horizontal cement tank is inspired by the design of the container. It has high compressive strength and good sealing performance. Because of its low height, the external sealing is avoided and the cost is greatly reduced.

Note: during the whole process of removing the horizontal cement silo (cement tank), it is strictly prohibited to use the hammer to eliminate the powder stored in the bulk cement tank, which can only be removed with a carpenter’s chisel.

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