Portable batching plant installed in Philippine


On 6-13th-2022 one set 60m3 portable concrete mixing plant was installed successfully in Philippine . The commissioning and debagging was done successfully. 


The advantages of mobile concrete batching plant: 

1. The structure of the mobile mixing plant is compact, and almost all processes of concrete production are concentrated on the trailer unit.

2. The human-computer operation interface is humanized, the working performance is reliable, and it can still operate stably in various harsh environments.

3. The mobile mixing plant adopts a double twin shaft mixer, which has strong continuous operation capacity, comprehensive mixing track, strong mixing movement and fast and uniform mixing.

4. The complete set of equipment of the mobile mixing plant can be quickly transported to the construction site and assembled in place on site through full hanging, and the construction can be carried out without commissioning.

5. High degree of automation, strong mobility, simple operation and good stability.

6. Solid structure, compact and reasonable space layout, ensuring flexibility and production capacity at the same time.

7. The mobile mixing plant occupies very little land and is easy to move, which greatly reduces the amount of foundation work.

The mobile mixing plant can be moved and installed very quickly, and is suitable for construction occasions with short construction period, long construction line and frequent transfer. As a professional concrete mixer manufacturer in the Central Plains, Shandong Macpex has strong production capacity and fast product delivery. Once customers sign a cooperation contract, they can rest easy and wait for the purchased products to be delivered, assembled and debugged, and then directly start to generate economic value.

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