Foam concrete mixing pump machine introduction

Applicable scope:

1. Roof insulation, including insulation layer and sloping layer;
2. Floor heating or sound insulation cushion layer:
3. Foundation pit filling and lightweight concrete filling for basements, bridges, tunnels, and other structures:
4. External insulation of foam concrete external wall and internal insulation of external wall;
5. Industrial pipeline insulation, refractory furnace and kiln cast-in-place insulation:
6. All kinds of cast-in-situ foam concrete walls, cast-in-situ light steel villas walls or projects:
7. Production of retaining walls, foam  concrete blocks, lightweight wallboards, fire door cores, and fire barriers.

Application ans cases:

The whole set of foam concrete equipment consists of electronic batching machine, conveying and loading machine, foam mixer, mold lifting ferry machine, cutting machine, stacking machine and mold
Foam mixing machine

  1. Loading method: All materials, water, foaming agent, and small materials are measured by computer and automatically loaded in sequence without gaps, saving time.
  2. Mixing method: Vertical mixing, evenly dispersed slurry
  3. Foaming method: Chemical foaming, after unloading into the mold box, the chemical reaction produces gas and slowly foams to the design volume
  4. Foam material: aluminum powder foam, uniform and stable. 5. Forming method: produce 1m per mold ³, Cut into small pieces
    cutting machine
  5. Production mode: Circular automatic production line, PLC computer programming control, high efficiency
  6. Cutting method: Saw blade hard cutting, can be cut all at once, limited by demolding time, and the cutting surface is beautiful and neat
  7. Demoulding method: Automatic demoulding machine, demoulding is stable, the raw material is intact, and the mold box can move laterally

Foam agent:

Specifications of HF30 Foam Agent:

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