HGY-17 concrete placing boom was loaded into container

On December15th one unit HGY-17 potable concrete placing boom delivered successfully. This type of placing boom is mobile and cost effective combined used with trailer pump at jobsite.

  1. Technical Data
Max. placing radius(m)17
Big arm length(m)6.66
Big arm elevation(°)0~75
Medium arm length(m)5.73
Medium arm elevation(°)0~180
Small arm length(m)4.61
Small arm elevation(°)0~180
Hose length(m)3
Concrete delivery pipe (mm)ø 125×6
Tail Rotary radius(m)3.51
Total Power(Kw)5.5
Standard voltage3 Phases 380v 50Hz
System Pressure(MPa)24
Rotary speed(r/min)0.3—0.8
Rotary range(°)0~360
Supporting legs span (m)4.6×4.6
Overall height(m)3.2
Bare machine weight(kg)6000
Control modePanel/ Wireless remote control

There are other models for this placing boom:

ItemUnitModels and parameters      
Max. placing radiusm13151718212427.4531.7
Big arm lengthm3.766.667.66111212.54514.5
Big arm elevation-2~84.40~700~650~650~650~650~650~65
Medium arm lengthm4.5255.735.736.57.58.829.2
Medium arm elevation0~1800~1800~1800~1800~1800~1800~1800~180
Small arm lengthm4.7844.614.613.54.56.0858
Small arm elevation0~1800~1800~1800~1800~1800~1800~1800~180
Hose lengthm33333333
Concrete delivery pipemmø125×6ø 125×6ø 125×6ø 125×6ø 125×6ø 125×6ø 125×6ø 125×6
Tail rotary radiusm2.722.813.513.933.93.93.9
Total powerKw445.
System pressureMpa2424242424242424
Rotary speedr/min0.3-0.80.3-0.80.3-0.80.3-0.80.3-0.80.3-0.80.3-0.80.3-0.8
Rotary range/0~3600~3600~3600~3600~3600~3600~3600~360
Mast sectionm1.2×1.2×31.2×1.2×31.2×1.2×31.2×1.2×31.2×1.2×31.2×1.2×31.2×1.2×31.2×1.2×3
Bare machine weightkg2500300048005200590065007000 
Balance weightkg2×9002×110022002×11003×20003×20004×2000
Control mode Panel/ Wireless remote control     

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