Classification of concrete batching plant

Classification of concrete batching plant

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 1. Classification according to the mixing plant structure:

Concrete mixing stations are divided into fixed mixing stations and mobile mixing station. At present, modular and easy splicing design is also adopted in most fixed mixing stations, which are mainly used in large commercial concrete manufacturers, with good stability and anti-interference. The mobile mixing station is pulled by a towing unit, which has good mobility and makes consumption more sensitive. It is generally used for various small and medium-sized temporary construction projects, and can be rented for its own use.

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2. Divided according to the operation mode of concrete mixing plant

This mode can be divided into continuous type and periodic type (or intermittent type). The continuous mixing plant mainly means that the feeding and discharging modes of mixing materials are stopped continuously. During the re consumption process, the complete flow process, weighing and proportioning are stopped continuously, without affecting the overall construction period; The periodic mixing plant takes one cycle as a unit, waits for the material weighing process, then completes the mixing work, completes the discharge in the cycle, and then enters the next cycle. At present, the periodic mixing plant is more controllable and widely used.

3. According to the process layout of the mixing plant:

According to different process layout, it is generally divided into one-step type and two-step type. The one-step type refers to one-time lifting of sand and gravel aggregate, cement, etc. to the silo on the top of the mixing plant. Various materials are stopped from top to bottom according to the consumption process, and discharged from the bottom, which is more common in the mixing plant. The second stage is about the first stage. The mixer is lifted again after the aggregate is weighed. Although it occupies a large area and the mixing efficiency is slightly lower than that of the first stage, it is easy to disassemble and assemble, has low forming cost, and is easy to install, so it is widely used.

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4. Divided according to the weighing method of the mixing station:

There are two types of weighing methods: independent weighing and cumulative weighing. Individual weighing will equip each material with a separate weighing unit. After each material is weighed, it will participate in the internal mixing of the mixer. This weighing method has high precision, but is complex in design and high in cost; Accumulative weighing means that all aggregates are put into a unified hopper, which is prone to error accumulation. Moreover, the more batching bins are, the easier it is to show bias, which is not suitable for large-scale projects. However, the structure design is simple and the cost is cheap.

5. Classified according to the mode of mixer in the mixing station:

The mixing host is divided into self dropping type and forced type. The self falling type uses the material gravity to stop mixing when the material is falling freely. The mixer is cheap and simple in structure, but the mixing effect is poor and the concrete quality is easy to fail to meet the standard. The forced mixing plant, namely HZS series, is a mixing plant equipment mainly consumed by major manufacturers at present. It is equipped with forced mixers with high mixing efficiency and short mixing cycle. The materials are fully forced to mix through the mixing arm to improve the mixing quality.

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