10m3 concrete foam making machine shipment

Operation guidance for foam making machine:

1. connect every part like the picture

The yellow pipe with filter screen put into the finished dilute foam agent barrel   ( before use the foam agent : water is 1:40 to dilute),

2. 1control panel

the red mark to open up .

2.2 foaming system

Before run this machine , must testing foaming .  press ( foam pump on) button  start to output the foam   like this picture .


Then press the press ( foam pump off ) button again then finish the  foaming test , and close the foam generator,

During this working  you must keep the value like the picture before press ( foam concrete pump on) button.


1. press (water pump on ) button water pump will start to pump water to the mixer ,   when the water pump into the 2/3 mixer .

( usually we put  150kg cement  50kg sand   90L water , frequency convert adjust 40HZ  then according this density adjust the rario of each material )

  • then press (Mixer on)  then the mixer will star to work .
  • then press ( Aggregate pump on) button , then the conveyor start to convey the cement to the mixer

4. After mixer work about 2-3min 

Then press ( foam pump on) button again  then the foam generator start to work . after press (foam pump on) in 1 second pls HURRY TO press ( foam concrete pump ) button

5.  then the  cement slurry will be mixed with the foaming to finish foam cement and start to pump foam cement.

6.when finish the work , press the button again  , ( foam pump off)  ( Aggregate pump off) , but let the water pump and mixer work , keep adding water to the mixer and pump out to wash the machine . after washing the machine then press (aggregate conveyor  off ) ,( mixer off )and (foam concrete off)

By the way , matters need attention :

1.frequency changer dont adjust by yourself , before delivery our engineer already adjust well .

2.After working , stop other part and keep adding water to wash and clear the machine . this is very import , and close the left valve to avoid the mortar back to the foam generator

3Generally the frequency changer adjust 50HZ the density is 400-500kg/m3  if less HZ  the foaming will be less , More HZ the foaming can product more .

4. if just pump mortar , can add a little foaming to lubricate the pipe and help to pump easily mortar .

5. Usually  Check equipment and add water or lubricating oil to the the water tank

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