Two ways to improve cement pipe making

Two wayse making

Ways to improve the efficiency of cement pipe making machine:

First, the influence of materials: the amount and quality of cement have a crucial effect. The strength and durability of the cement pipe can be increased by proper use of cement dosage during batching. However, excessive cement will increase the volume expansion of silicate in the hardening process and cause cracks. When the digestion speed of cement is too fast and more heat is accumulated, the product temperature will rise sharply, and the cement pipe making machine will produce large internal stress, which will cause the surface of the cement pipe to expand and crack. According to the experiment, when the cement digestion temperature is greater than 70c, and the cement consumption per cubic meter of material exceeds 15% of the total weight, cracks are difficult to prevent, and most of them occur during the static period.

Second, the influence of manufacturing technology: the water cement ratio shall be appropriate during batching to meet the technical requirements during construction. If the water cement ratio is too large during batching, the cement pipe will appear bleeding during standing, making the cement pipe soft and cracked. Excessive water transpiration from the inside and outside of the cement pipe during steam maintenance period, making the cement pipe soft on the outside, shortening the volume and cracking. Such cracks are scattered, sometimes forming a layer of 3~4mm thick soft thin shell on the surface, which will be peeled and broken with a hammer.

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