Mixing plant workflow steps



Batching plant workflow steps:

1. After the mixer control system is powered on, enter the operation interface of man-machine dialogue.

2. The system performs initialization processing, including formula number, concrete grade, slump, production volume, etc.

3. Detect each bin and metering hopper according to the weighing, output the empty or full material signal, and prompt the operator to determine whether to start the mixing control program.

4. Start the sand and stone belt motor to feed into the metering bucket.

5. Open the butterfly valve of fly ash and cement tank.

6. Start the screw motor to transport fly ash and cement to the metering bucket.

7. Open the control valves of the water tank and the admixture tank to make the water and admixture flow into the metering bucket.

8. Open the metering bucket door after the metering meets the setting requirements.

9. The batching enters the started mixer for mixing, and the mixer door is opened at the set time, and the concrete enters the Fed mixer.

Every machine has a switching sequence. If it is not operated properly, it will cause a lot of trouble. The switching sequence of the concrete mixing plant is particularly important. If the operation is improper, it will cause shutdown of the concrete mixing plant, machine blockage and other reasons, resulting in machine repair, maintenance and protection.

Precautions for operation of concrete mixing plant

1. Before starting the machine, check a series of accessories of the concrete mixing plant, including adding butter and oil. At the same time, before starting the machine, check to open the water valve, switch on and off the water pump, add water – open the storage bin door of the air compressor – open the discharge belt – open the mixing machine – open the feeding belt, open the batching (including aggregates and cement) – open the water supply, etc. This is the check before starting the operation of the concrete mixing plant.

2. Switching sequence when the concrete mixing plant starts operation. Batching (including granular materials and cement) is closed, water supply is closed, feeding is closed (no material is stored in the belt), mixing machine is closed (no material is stored in the mixer tank), unloading belt is closed (no material is stored in the belt), storage bin door is closed, air compressor is closed, mixing tank is cleaned, water valve switch is closed, and main power supply is turned off.

These operation sequences are particularly important. If the operation is improper, for example, you are mixing materials in the mixing machine. When you turn off the machine, the concrete will be blocked in the mixing machine.

Mixer operators must be trained to understand the structural performance and operation procedures of the mixing system of the unit, be familiar with the safe operation and technical specifications, be familiar with the basic operation of the computer, basically understand the quality requirements of concrete and the main performance, specifications and functions of raw materials, and be qualified after the actual assessment of the superior company.

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