Introduction for dry mortar production line

Equipment application

The complete set of dry powder mortar equipment is an integrated equipment for automatic feeding, mixing, crushing, automatic discharge and packaging of various dry powder mortar, such as thermal insulation mortar, crack resistance mortar, bonding mortar, plastering mortar, masonry mortar, plastering mortar, waterproof mortar, polystyrene particle mortar, etc. The utility model has the advantages of simple design, small land occupation, small investment, quick effect, continuous production and high shift output, and adopts a double shaft paddle type high-efficiency mixer to ensure that the thermal insulation coefficient of mortar will not be reduced due to the damage of the shape of thermal insulation raw materials without damaging the original state of materials, so as to ensure the thermal insulation effect of products; It is suitable for the production of medium and small-scale manufacturers and equipped with automatic packaging system, which shows its advantages.

The complete set of dry powder mortar equipment is mainly composed of the following equipment:

Raw material storage equipment

In the complete set of dry powder mortar equipment, it is used to store bulk raw materials. Generally, the tank design is used and the tank truck is used for loading. During the construction of the project, only two small raw material storage tanks need to be added to store small quantities of raw materials, such as rubber powder, additives, etc.

Batching device

It is composed of hopper metering scale, feeding dragon, discharging device, micro material adding device and computer control system. It can automatically measure different raw materials according to the formula, reduce labor intensity and environmental pollution, and ensure the product quality of putty powder.

There are a variety of mixer options, such as double screw cone mixer, plow mixer, screw belt mixer, double shaft paddle weightless mixer, etc. The requirements for the complete set of dry powder mortar equipment are: uniform mixing, no dead corner, high efficiency, wear-resistant equipment and fast unloading speed. The above mixers are mostly used in the complete set of dry powder mortar equipment, such as double shaft paddle weightless mixer and plow mixer. Recommendation: weightless mixer – suitable for dry powder mixing, or “Throwing Knife” can be added as required. Plow mixer – suitable for mixing and liquid mixing of fibrous materials.

There are open pockets and valve pockets. The valve pocket packing machine is widely used for putty powder, because the valve pocket packing needs no seam and can be operated by one person, but this packing machine is not suitable for packing light materials. The cost of the bag is slightly higher, but the packing speed is fast. The open pocket packing scale can pack all kinds of materials, but it needs to be sewn after bagging. Relatively speaking, the cost of the bag is slightly lower (the bag can be recycled), but the packaging speed is slightly slower. Compared with the valve pocket packing machine, the operator of this packing machine needs to be increased by one person.
a duster

It is used to recover the dust in the production of dry powder mortar, which is conducive to environmental protection. It is generally set at the top of the cement silo, the material conveying port of the hoist, etc.

Recommended equipment: bag type pulse dust collector

Conveying and lifting structure
The material conveying methods used in the silo of the production line include horizontal conveying and vertical conveying. Screw conveyor can be used for horizontal conveying, and bucket elevator is generally used for vertical conveying.

Scope of application

This complete set of dry powder mortar equipment can produce thermal insulation mortar, crack resistant mortar, bonding mortar, plastering mortar, masonry mortar, plastering mortar, waterproof mortar and polystyrene particle mortar through different proportions of raw materials. Type: according to different output, it can be divided into: simple dry powder mortar complete equipment (with an annual output of 3000-10000 tons), basic dry powder mortar complete equipment (with an annual output of 10000-50000 tons) and automatic dry powder mortar complete equipment (with an annual output of more than 100000 tons)
working principle

For the complete set of dry powder mortar equipment with an annual output of about 20000 to 30000 tons, generally 4-6 raw material tanks will be used, of which two large tanks are used for bulk cement and fly ash, and the other small tanks are used for light calcium, heavy calcium, sand, small materials, etc. Bulk cement and fly ash do not need lifting equipment and are driven by pump truck. Light calcium, heavy calcium, sand and small materials need to be lifted into the small tank by bucket elevator. The ingenious material distribution system supports the distribution operation of a bucket elevator, so as to avoid the waste of resources. With the cooperation of the metering screw, the metering system introduces the raw materials in the silo into the metering silo, and realizes the raw material metering through the data feedback of the sensor. The measured materials are led into the main bucket elevator through the screw conveyor and lifted to the waiting bin at the upper part of the mixer. The mixing bin is of pneumatic large door type, which can quickly put the materials to be mixed into the weightless mixer to realize the continuous production of dry powder mortar.

Large proportion of raw materials such as cement can be manually measured and enter the premixing bin through the elevator. Small proportion of valuable masterbatch such as cellulose and rubber powder can be measured and put into the admixture hopper through the electronic scale, which is a step ahead of the simple type, because after mixing, the mixer will be automatically measured and packaged by the valve pocket packaging machine or the open pocket packaging machine. It can be transported to the finished product stacking area by belt conveyor. It has the characteristics of moderate investment, short construction cycle and quick investment effect. The equipment investment is generally between 100000-350000, and the general output can reach 5-15 tons per hour. There are 3-5 operators, the equipment height is between 6-10 meters, and the floor area is 20-30 square meters.

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