Two units pan mixer shipped to customer

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In May of this year we have delivered two units 4m3 pan mixer for customer. This mixer used skip hopper and belt conveyor for feeding and discharging fertilizer mixing, we make the mixer customized by customer’s special request.

Here are the characteristics of fertilizer pan mixer:

MP series pan mixer
I. product type and application scope
The prototype of this machine is a vertical shaft forced mixing machine. When working, the blade cuts, squeezes, overturns and throws out the materials, so that the materials form a cross material flow and are strongly stirred. The machine has the advantages of short mixing time, high mixing quality, flexible operation and complete unloading. It is suitable for mixing fine aggregate, fertilizer, light aggregate, dry and hard concrete, and can also be used for mixing mortar.
The whole machine is composed of support, platform, mixing drum, mixer, reducer motor, electrical and other parts. The mixing system is composed of motor, reducer, mixing bucket, mixing blade and protective cover.
III. installation and empty train operation test
1. After the whole machine arrives, check whether the accessories and technical documents are complete according to the packing list, and check whether the whole machine and parts are damaged.
2. The user lays a good foundation according to the basic drawing of the purchased product.
3. Put in place according to the installation position of the foundation drawing to make each mechanism in a horizontal state. The supporting foundation shall be solid and flat concrete ground.
4. After the whole machine is in place, check whether the transmission parts are flexible. Check whether the bolts at all connecting parts are loose.
5. Install the wiring of the electrical circuit according to the and connect the water source.
6. Add 75L gear lubricating oil to the transmission equipment before use
7. Conduct the no-load operation test and check whether the rotation direction of each motor is correct.

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