Dry mixed mortar production line leakage material issue


Dry mixed mortar production line pursues more environmental protection on the basis of production process. In the actual production process of dry mixing mortar equipment, some parts need special attention in material leakage treatment.

Material inlet and outlet of bucket elevator.

Materials to be mixed at the warehouse outlet.

Entrance and exit of screw conveyor.

Packaging machine material export.

Material inlet and outlet of mixer. Shaft end.

Dry mixing mortar equipment

It can be seen from the above places that the easy leakage of dry mixing mortar equipment is basically the problem of material inlet and outlet. It should be said that most material leakage problems should not be regarded as technical problems. Many small problems can be said to be the control of details during design and installation. Many problems can be avoided by making equipment and production line carefully.

All material inlets and outlets of MACPEX are treated separately to avoid material leakage to a great extent. The dry mixed mortar mixer is independently designed and manufactured by the first-class machinery, and the material leakage at the shaft end is much better.

For the leakage of material at the shaft end of the mixer without transformation or previous old equipment, and the leakage of packing seal, air blowing seal or lip seal, it can be soaked with felt by soil method, and then bound on the inner side of the shaft head, which can also effectively prevent material leakage.

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