Precautions in use and maintenance of fine aggregate concrete pump


Precautions in use and maintenance of fine aggregate concrete pump.

1. Outrigger operation. The ground supported by the legs of the fine aggregate concrete pump needs to be flat and solid to ensure that it will not sink during the working process, and that the legs can stably and reliably support the whole machine and can be reliably locked.
2. Pumping operation. During pumping, the concrete shall be supplied continuously. If continuous feeding is not possible, the pumping speed of concrete can be slowed down. When pumping concrete, a certain amount of concrete shall be continuously maintained in the hopper, so as to prevent air from entering the hopper, causing concrete countercurrent and blocking. In case of such a problem, it is necessary to reverse the pump to return the concrete to the hopper, and then pump normally after the air goes out.
Precautions for maintenance of fine aggregate concrete pump during use:
1. To be able to accurately judge the location of the fault and its connected parts.
2. The parts to be replaced cannot be paid together or replaced by others.
3. When assembling after maintenance, remember the trouble caused by reversing the order of parts or missing assembly.
4. There must be professional maintenance personnel to repair, and no one can repair, so as to avoid equipment damage.


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