The simple dry powder mortar production line


The simple dry powder mortar production line is designed in combination with the manufacturer’s investment scale and plant. The process is reasonable and low-cost, with electric feeding machine, automatic filling machine, storage tank, electric control cabinet and other equipment. External wall external insulation mortar, repair mortar, self leveling mortar, color decoration mortar, waterproof mortar, internal and external wall putty, ceramic tile binder, joint filler, etc. can be produced. Suitable for small enterprises. The following small series will talk about the defects that should be avoided in the dry powder mortar production line.

The semi-automatic dry powder mortar production line has high cost performance. For the production projects of decorative mortar and external wall insulation, it has the advantages of low investment, high benefit and simple and convenient use. The advantages of the equipment include low energy consumption, small area and easy operation. It can produce 3-5 tons per hour, and only 3-6 operators are needed, which greatly reduces the amount of labor. This kind of production line is suitable for the production of ordinary mortar (plastering mortar, masonry mortar), and most special mortars such as ceramic tile binder, waterproof mortar, interface agent, joint filler and putty can also be produced.

The automatic dry powder mortar production line has compact engineering design, and its characteristics include simple operation, convenient maintenance, good working area environment, etc. The raw materials of bulk cement, fly ash and quartz sand are used, and the pump truck is used to deliver the materials to the raw material warehouse. Not only the raw material cost will be low, but also the labor intensity of employees will be reduced, the environmental pollution will be greatly reduced, and the labor environment of workers will be improved. All intelligent computer systems control the batching link, and the metering system has sensitive signal transmission, high precision and reduced error. The main machine of the mixing system adopts a double shaft paddle weightless mixer (including flying knife group), which has high mixing efficiency, short time, high uniformity, good fiber dispersion, low power consumption per ton of material, 60% lower than that of the ordinary horizontal spiral belt mixer. The pneumatic control door discharges the material quickly, saves the interval time and improves the output.

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