Precast mixing plant shipment


On October 18th, 2021 one completely unit concrete batching plant loaded in our workshop successfully. This batching plant used MPC2000 planetary concrete mixer for customer precast panel and concrete pipe.

Maintenance of concrete panel machinery:

1. In addition to adding butter to the vibrating guide rod of wallboard machine and routine maintenance such as inspection, adjustment, cleaning and refueling of relevant parts, the following maintenance work shall be done regularly; According to the actual working time, the lubricating oil in the reduction box needs to be changed once after running for 1800 hours. Before adding new oil, the reduction box shall be cleaned with kerosene or diesel oil. Regularly check the oil level of reduction gearbox. If it is close to the lower limit, it shall be supplemented to the upper limit immediately. Add HL-30 gear oil in summer and HL-20 gear oil in winter as required. It is strictly prohibited to mix gear oils of different brands. If the oil seal fails and leaks oil, replace the oil seal in time,

2. The vibrator of wallboard machine shall be maintained according to the following provisions; A. When handling and operating the vibrator, pay attention to handle it gently to prevent knocking damage. B. The surface of the casing shall be kept clean to avoid hindering the heat dissipation of the motor. C. In case of abnormal sound, abnormal vibration and burnt smell during the operation of the vibrator, the power supply shall be immediately disconnected and shut down for inspection. D. The lubricating grease of rolling bearing adopts compound calcium base grease. Pay attention to regular cleaning. Replace it once after the vibrator runs for 150 ~ 200 hours. The coating amount shall not be too much. It is appropriate to fill one third of the bearing cavity to avoid bearing heating. E. Regularly check the wear of bearings, oil seals and other vulnerable parts. If problems are found, they must be replaced in time.

3. During the extrusion operation of the wallboard machine, if the quality of the plate making is poor and the forming speed is seriously reduced, stop the machine and check the vulnerable parts such as stirring knife, wallboard and vibrating plate; When replacing the mixing knife, it shall be replaced symmetrically to ensure uniform feeding.

4. The wallboard machine shall not be placed without leakage. When it is not used for a long time, the key parts shall be coated with oil for protection, and the four corners of two front running wheels and two rear wallboards shall touch the ground and be placed horizontally to reduce deformation.

5. In addition to the use and maintenance in accordance with the provisions of this manual, the user shall also formulate the safety operation procedures of the extruder and implement the fixed personnel operation to ensure the normal operation of the extruder, so as to produce qualified products.

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