The maintenance of concrete batching plant



The unique temperature and humidity in summer will have a certain impact on the work of concrete mixing plant, and the maintenance and repair of mixing plant equipment in summer is also different from other seasons. After the concrete mixing plant is completed, how to maintain it?

1. Inspection before each use of concrete mixing plant

Check whether the self-protection device of air compressor in concrete mixing plant is reliable and whether the air pressure is stable; Check whether the water diversion of the water pump is sufficient and whether the pipeline is unblocked; Whether the opening and closing of hopper door, cement hopper door, intermediate aggregate hopper door and discharge door are flexible and reliable; Check whether the bolts of the blades of the mixing host are firm; Check whether all electrical devices are safe and reliable, and whether the action switch of each limit switch is flexible and reliable; Check whether the quick reduction gearbox at each lubrication point has enough lubricating oil.

2. Maintenance after each shift

Clean the accumulated materials inside and outside the concrete mixer and on the material door, and rinse them; Lubrication points shall be filled at each lubrication point, especially at the shaft end seal, which shall not be missed; Discharge the liquid in the waterway in winter; Drain the gas and water in the air storage cylinder of the air compressor; After shutdown, all switches are in non working state and cut off the power supply.

3. Weekly inspection and maintenance

Check the condensation of the residual concrete in the mixing tank. If there is condensation, stop the machine for eradication (pay attention to cut off the power supply and assign special personnel to watch), check the gap between the mixing blade and the lining plate, and adjust if it is not suitable; Check whether the air circuit system leaks and whether the cylinder action is reliable; Check the quality and liquid level of lubricating oil in the reduction box, and fill or replace it if necessary; Check whether the suction bottom valve in the water supply system is reliable; Check whether the electrical components are damaged, repair or replace them if necessary, and check whether the wiring is loose; Open the blockage and check the shaft end seal. If there is no abnormality, screw in and drain the blockage.

4. Clean up the remaining materials in the mixing station in time to ensure that the internal and surrounding environment of the mixing station is clean.

5. Check whether the lubricating oil is sufficient, whether the air pressure of the air pump is at the normal value, and whether the motor and other components are overheated.

6. Check whether the sensor of the dose system is normal to avoid excessive weighing error

7. Check whether the screws and conveyor belt at the connection of the mixing plant are displaced to avoid accidents.

8. The easily worn parts shall be inspected regularly and replaced in time in case of problems. If the mixing plant is not used for a long time, clean the residual materials inside the mixing plant and on the blades, keep the inside of the mixer clean, and clean the cement in the screw conveyor to prevent the cement from sticking to the screw conveyor.

The above is my summary of the maintenance of concrete mixing plant. If you need to update the equipment knowledge of concrete mixing plant, you can pay attention to us.

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