Hourly output of HZS75 mixing plant

Hourly output of HZS75 mixing plant1

The output of concrete mixing equipment produces 5 cubic meters of concrete in theory, but in practice, the output is less than 100%. Up to 75% of the output can be achieved, that is, about 57 cubic meters an hour. Because the actual output is affected not only by the mixing plant equipment, but also by operation, labor and other factors.

HZS75 batching plant is generally equipped with three material silos for mixing concrete, bucket lifted which can continuously produce concrete. The computer full-automatic control system is adopted, which is convenient and fast to operate, and the quality of mixed concrete is also very stable and efficient.

The application scope of mixing concrete with this equipment is also very wide. Basically, all types of concrete can be produced with this equipment. According to the requirements of concrete, it is OK to set the proportion. This concrete mixing equipment is particularly easy to control. It can not only be automatically controlled by computer, but also be networked for remote control and remote monitoring. It can master all links of concrete production anytime and anywhere.

HZS75 concrete mixing station is also a kind of environmental protection equipment. It can be batched accurately during concrete production, and can be produced in a fully closed state. Therefore, the production process produces less noise and less dust. At the same time, it is also a very reliable mixing equipment, especially a relatively good concrete mixing host, which has good wear resistance, long service life and is safe and reliable.

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