Integrated folding foundation free concrete mixing plant


Macpex integrated folding foundation free concrete mixing plant is a complete set of automatic concrete mixing equipment composed of batching, mixing and electrical control. It is applicable to medium and large-scale construction sites, prefabrication plants, high-speed railways, highways, water conservancy and hydropower construction projects and commercial concrete production lines.

Its main features:

The integrated foldable foundation free mixing plant is an innovation of overall optimization and upgrading design based on the traditional fixed and mobile concrete mixing plants, which integrates the aggregate storage and batching machine, powder storage bin, liquid storage tank, weighing system, conveying system, water and gas circuit, power line control circuit and mixing system of the concrete mixing plant The full-automatic control system and control operation room are concentrated in the same frame platform, which has the advantages of compact structure, stable and reliable overall structure and performance.

For the quality and output of concrete, the foldable structure of mixing host frame and conveying frame is designed during use, transfer and transportation, which can meet the transportation transfer of one vehicle in the folded state (according to the road transportation on the use site, this set of equipment can be transported by two small vehicles in sections) During the folding process, the internal power control circuit of the equipment, gas circuit and liquid pipeline follow the folding synchronously, avoiding the cumbersome process of repeated disassembly and commissioning.

When in use, after folding and stretching, connect to the main power supply and connect a small part of lines and pipelines, which can be put into production, avoiding repeated installation and repeated technical commissioning by professionals in the future, and reducing the future use cost. The whole installation and folding process of all models can complete all installation and commissioning within 6 hours (this installation and commissioning saves at least 3-15 days compared with the traditional mixing plant, and avoids repeated disassembly and installation of circuit, gas and water in the future) The utility model avoids the disadvantages of labor-consuming and time-consuming of scattered installation and commissioning. In the use state, it has the advantages of no foundation, small floor area, beautiful and stable structure, convenient mobile special field, 20% power consumption of the whole machine is saved than that of the traditional mixing station, and the energy efficiency output of some models is more than 10% higher than that of the traditional mixing station. This integrated whole series of products can realize the overall environmental protection and fully closed packaging, and the packaging cost ratio The traditional mixing plant saves at least 50% of the cost. After packaging, it saves at least 50% of the heating cost compared with the traditional mixing plant in winter. This series of products have the advantages of simple storage and management, high degree of automation, flexibility and convenience, and avoids the high-cost basic manufacturing cost of the traditional mixing plant.

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