Process flow of concrete batching plant

Process flow of concrete batching plant

1 Aggregate weighing: the required aggregate includes sand and gravel, which are transported to the plant by truck (the aggregate required for concrete shall meet the use standard, or the aggregate that reaches the standard after washing by stone washing machine), and then loaded into the closed aggregate bin by loader. A measuring scale is connected below the aggregate bin to weigh various aggregates according to the mass ratio, and the weighed aggregate is transported by belt conveyor (semi closed) It is transported to the aggregate transition bin, which opens the door and falls into the concrete mixer for mixing.

2 Powder weighing (cement, fly ash, etc.): the required powder is transported to the plant area by sealed tank car, and then pumped into the vertical powder bin by tank car or other conveying device through compressed air pump. Open the butterfly valve, the powder falls into the screw conveyor, and then transported to the weighing bucket by the screw conveyor for weighing. The weighing is deducted and weighed according to the proportion error of aggregate, The weighed cement is stirred by the air cylinder under the cement weighing bucket, and the butterfly valve slides into the concrete mixer.

3 Water weighing: the required water is pumped into the weighing box by the water pump, and the weighed water is pumped out by the booster pump and sprayed into the mixer through the sprinkler.

4 Admixture weighing: the required additives are pumped from the additive box to the weighing box by the self-priming pump for weighing, and the weighed additives are put into the water tank and sprayed into the concrete mixer through the sprinkler.

5 The mixing machine of the cement mixing plant is used for mixing: aggregate, powder, water and admixture are put into the concrete mixer according to the set time. The materials entering the concrete mixer are squeezed, rubbed, sheared and convected under the mixing of double spiral blades on two mutually reversed mixing shafts, so as to carry out violent forced mixing, When the mixing time expires, the air cylinder of the mixer door opening device will open the door, and the blades will push the mixed concrete to the transport vehicle waiting under the cement mixing plant (take part of the mixed concrete for sampling test before entering the transport vehicle to check whether it meets the requirements). After it is qualified, push it out and close the door to enter the next mixing cycle, The finished materials are transported to the construction site by concrete tanker.

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