Safe use of concrete pump


The operation of the concrete pump is simple. It only needs to connect the pump pipe. After all preparations are completed, the operator only needs to carry out simple remote control operation to make the concrete pump mix and pump concrete again and again. At the same time. It is also a manufacturer with concrete pump patent number. It is a rural concrete pouring mechanical equipment with high investment and fast return.
With the continuous improvement of rural income level, more and more farmers begin to build their own new homes, which also means that more and more small concrete pumps are used. Although this is a product specially developed for rural construction, we should also pay attention to safety in the process of use.
1. Ensure the hydraulic oil temperature
It’s summer and the temperature is relatively high. When pumping, check the temperature of the hydraulic oil. If the temperature is higher than 50 ℃, cool it as much as possible. Similarly, in winter, the temperature of hydraulic oil should not be lower than 15 ℃. When it is lower than this temperature, it should be heated.
2. Conduct operation inspection before construction
All inspections must be done before construction to check whether the mixing device operates normally and whether the monitoring instruments and indicators are normal. If there is a problem in one aspect, stop work immediately for inspection, find out what is wrong, and then solve it.
3. Choose a safe place to place
The small concrete pump shall not be placed at random, but must be placed on an open flat ground. Make sure there are no other obstacles around, and there are no wires and high-voltage lines in the sky. If it is an on-board pump with chassis, pay more attention. Remember not to stop on the slope. If it is a small boom pump, it is necessary to support the outrigger to maintain good balance.


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