Horizontal cement silo delivery

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One complete unit mobile 60T horizontal cement silo was loaded successfully into 40HQ.

This type of silo is designed by container and can delivered by containers that can save cost for customers.

Advantages of horizontal silo:

1. The installation and disassembly are convenient, the foundation is appropriate and flat, the installation cycle is short, and it is easy to move frequently.,

2. During transportation, the transportation height and width of the cement silo shall not exceed the limit, and a 6m vehicle can be used for transportation, and the cement silo can be stacked and recycled.

3. After installation, the overall height is low and the overall length is suitable for the storage of various bulk materials such as construction cement, fly ash and bentonite in the corridor.

4. The cement is blown into the storage bin by the wind through the feed pipe. With the increase of the pressure in the bin, the gas in the bin is filtered by the dust removal device and discharged from the air outlet, while the mixed cement in the gas is left in the cement bin, which is simple to operate and has no pollution to the environment.

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