How to maintain the pumping part of the concrete pump


1. When the concrete pump is working, check the oil quality and oil level of the hydraulic oil every 8 hours, and supplement and replace it if necessary. The newly added hydraulic oil must be consistent with the oil brand in the oil tank. The hydraulic oil filled in the concrete delivery pump when leaving the factory is Esso h46. Generally, 20000 cubic meters of concrete is pumped or the oil should be completely replaced once half a year. When changing the oil, be sure to clean the oil tank and drain the oil cylinders at all parts.
2. Check the oil level of lubricating oil every 8 hours when the concrete transfer pump is working. It is recommended to use 00 non extreme pressure semi fluid lithium grease. During pumping, there shall be lubricating oil overflow at the connecting water tank of the concrete cylinder, the large and small bearing seat of the S pipe and the mixing end seat.
3. After 3000 m3 of concrete is pumped, the gap between the spectacle plate and the cutting ring shall be adjusted. If it is seriously worn, it shall be replaced immediately. Check that the concrete shall be well sealed and no mortar shall penetrate into the water tank.
4. After the concrete delivery pump is used for 500 hours, check the wear condition of S pipe and S pipe bearing position, and replace the shaft sleeve and cone sleeve if necessary.
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5. Check the indication of the vacuum gauge of the oil suction filter of the concrete transfer pump. If the pointer of the vacuum gauge reaches the red area (i.e. more than 0.04MPa), be sure to replace the filter element.
6. When starting up, be sure to check each system to see whether the system pressure is normal and whether the hydraulic system leaks.


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