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The equipment maintenance and repair of concrete pump manufacturers are widely used in some special construction environments. The construction of railway, highway tunnel, headrace tunnel, mine tunnel, bridge tunnel and other tunnels, including water conservancy engineering, hydropower engineering, slope support, underground construction operation, foundation filling engineering, the improvement of economic development and living standards, make more and more attention to environmental protection, The construction of construction projects has also been affected. When pouring concrete by concrete pump, it will have a great impact on the environment from transportation to transportation. Especially when pouring, the traditional construction relying only on manual work will cause a lot of pollution to the ground and pouring surface, which is not easy to clean.

A small concrete pump can solve this problem well and is worth buying. Now the social development is faster and faster, and people’s footsteps have been continuously improved. With the change of our city, people pay more and more attention to the urban environment. Some intelligent and energy-saving mechanical equipment began to be produced and developed and put into the construction machinery market. With the wide use of secondary structure concrete pump in the construction industry, high-performance and easy to operate machines have also become indispensable machines in the construction industry, which are mainly divided into gate valve concrete pump and S valve concrete pump. It is also very convenient to clean the pipeline after the concrete transfer pump is used. Just wash it with clean water until there is no mortar. There is no need to disassemble the pipeline repeatedly, which is easy and labor-saving! Everything is considered for the smooth construction of users, and has been improved many times.

Construction principle of concrete pouring pump: the construction sequence of concrete pouring pump shall be clear. When concrete is transported by pump pipe, it shall be poured from far to near. The concrete in the same area shall be poured continuously in layers in the order of vertical structure first and then horizontal structure.

Grasp the interval time for the construction of concrete pouring pump: when it is not allowed to leave construction joints, the interval time of concrete pouring between areas and between upper and lower layers shall not exceed the initial setting time of concrete.

Divide the construction area: the concrete pouring area shall be divided in advance according to the characteristics of the project structure, plane shape and geometric size, the capacity of concrete supply and pumping equipment, labor and management capacity, as well as the size of the surrounding site.

The construction pipeline layout of concrete pouring pump is very important: the pipeline layout should be carried out according to short distance and less elbows. Reduce the conveying resistance as much as possible, so as to reduce the possibility of pipe plugging.

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