Overhaul and maintenance of large concrete mixing plant


The first warranty repair cycle of concrete mixer is determined according to the volume of concrete mixed or the application time. Generally, 5000 cubic meters of concrete mixed by concrete mixer should be repaired and cured, or the application time is at the mercy of two months.

After the first repair cycle, the second repair cycle will be calculated. Generally speaking, the second repair cycle is longer than the first repair cycle. So how to calculate the repair cycle of the second insurance? The concrete mixer should enter the second warranty period after mixing 10000 cubic meters of concrete or 4 months of normal operation. The concrete mixing period will follow the idea of longer and longer. The previous repair period is always longer than the next repair period.

The third repair cycle, that is, the time of intermediate repair, is that 50000 cubic meters of concrete mixed by concrete mixer should enter intermediate repair. After all, one is overhaul. The overhaul cycle is twice as long as that of medium repair, that is, it is time to start preparing for overhaul when 100000 cubic meters of concrete are mixed. Specifically, the period of intermediate repair and overhaul must be well controlled. If the control is not good, it will directly affect the service life of the concrete mixer. In serious cases, there will be accidents during the construction process. Therefore, the relevant responsible persons must pay attention to it.

The daily repair and maintenance of concrete mixing plant equipment has a great impact on prolonging the service life of the machine. Always check the cleanliness of the machine to ensure the normal operation of the main machine and other devices of the concrete mixing plant.

Nine steps for maintenance of large concrete mixing plant:

1. Ensure the cleanliness of the host and its surrounding environment.

2. Always check and clean the accumulated material in the hopper to ensure that the sensor returns to zero normally.

3. Check whether the lubricating oil at each lubricating point is sufficient, and the oil mist in the air circuit system shall maintain sufficient oil.

4. Check whether each motor and electrical appliance has overheating and abnormal noise, whether the instrument indication is normal, and whether the signal system operates normally.

5. Regularly check and adjust the cylinder, vibration motor and solenoid valve to make the opening and closing meet the standards.

6. Check all systems frequently. In case of ash leakage, air leakage, oil leakage and electric leakage, deal with them in time.

7. The mixing machine and the inlet and outlet hopper shall be cleaned every four hours to avoid residual concrete condensation and hinder normal operation.

8. Drain the accumulated water inside the air compressor, air storage tank and filter every time, and eliminate the faults during operation.

9. Butterfly valve, mixing machine, solenoid valve, air filter, vibrating motor and oil mist shall be maintained according to relevant instructions

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