Similarities of dry mortar mixing plant and concrete mixing plant

Similarities of dry mortar mixing plant and concrete mixing plant1
Similarities of dry mortar mixing plant and concrete mixing plant2
Dry mortar mixing plant

Similarities of dry mortar mixing plant and concrete mixing plant3

Concrete batching plant

1. Both are system integrated products composed of several equipment units such as conveyor, metering and mixing. Therefore, we need to pay attention to the product characteristics of each node and unit, and comprehensively consider the compatibility and expansibility of node products. Many system units and integrated products are non-standard and need to be adjusted according to working conditions

2. Both are the mixture of physical mixing of raw materials in a certain proportion by professional manufacturers. Both belong to the building materials industry and have obtained the support of the state. They are widely used in the construction industry.

3. Their application customer groups are related and complementary.

4. The government authorities of the two are generally the same and are under the jurisdiction of the bulk cement Office (regional differences may vary slightly).

5. The development course of the two is consistent or tends to be consistent. They are introduced into China after foreign development is mature. The government encourages development, which has the remarkable characteristics of reducing resource waste, energy conservation and emission reduction, low-carbon environmental protection, providing construction quality and so on.

6. The overall indicators of investment investigation of the two are basically consistent. Investors should take comprehensive consideration of the production line equipment’s area, scale, technical performance, advanced nature, cost performance, supplier reputation and service ability.

7. The workflow of the two is roughly the same. Both production processes go through the process of material storage → metering → lifting → mixing → unloading, which are slightly adjusted according to the equipment process.

8. The specifications and models of their equipment are generally named according to their hourly theoretical production, such as concrete lsdzs40; Lsdzs40 of dry powder mortar, i.e. the output per hour is 40m3.

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