Modular design of the mixing plant

At present, with the fierce competition in the construction machinery industry and customers’ personalized demand for the mixing plant, the construction machinery manufacturing enterprises should not only shorten the delivery cycle, reduce the product cost and improve the product quality through the batch, standardization and generalization of the production of the mixing plant, but also carry out personalized design of the mixing plant to meet the customization requirements of customers.
Modular design can provide diversified configuration of mixing plant on the basis of high standardization and generalization. Modular design of mixing plant is the solution to solve the contradiction between product quality production and quantitative production.
Today, Macpex takes you to learn about the advantages of modular design of mixing plant:
1. The modular design of the mixing plant can realize the mass production of various parts of the mixing plant equipment, so as to reduce the cost.
2. The modular batching plant can form user customized products through the selection and combination of modules, so as to realize the perfect combination of standardization and diversification, so as to meet the different needs of the market.
3. The modular concrete mixing plant is more conducive to the export and transportation of products. Because the general export transportation basically uses containers to load goods. The mixing plant equipment is a large construction machinery, and the modular design is more convenient for packing and transportation.
4. The modular design of the mixing plant saves the installation space of the whole mixing plant, and the maintenance is convenient and simple, which really realizes the rapid installation.

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