Working principle and structure of weightless mixer

Working principle and structure of weightless mixer1

The horizontal cylinder of the double shaft paddle weightless mixer is equipped with paddles with reverse rotation of the double shaft. The paddles rotate and stir the materials along the axial and radial directions at a certain angle, so that the materials can be mixed quickly and evenly; In order to reduce the replacement cost of vulnerable parts of the equipment, the blade can be made into two pieces, and a movable small blade can be padded on the blade base to directly replace the worn small blade, which is economical and fast; The discharge form is generally pneumatic (manual) flap valve, and the arc valve is closely embedded in the cylinder and flush with the inner wall of the cylinder, without material accumulation and mixing dead angle; The standard type can be divided into large door and small door. The large door opens to the side of the cylinder, which makes the material discharge clean and fast with less residue.

Biaxial paddle weightless mixer makes full use of the principle of convective mixing, that is, the upward throwing movement of materials in the mixer is used to form a flow layer, resulting in instantaneous weight loss, so as to achieve the best mixing effect. In the field of flow layer, the material overcomes the centrifugal force at a certain circumferential speed and moves from a to B under the action of blades with a specific angle. At the same time, the moving blades in the machine send it to C, and the blades with the same specific angle send it to D, and then return to a from D; Moreover, the material moves axially under the action of specific overlapping blades to realize mixing in an all-round range and form a random optimal motion state.

The machine is equipped with a pair of shafts rotating in the opposite direction in the W-shaped mixing chamber. Each shaft is equipped with a certain angle, a certain number of overlapping blades. A flow layer is formed in the mixing chamber with a certain circumferential speed. The materials in the layer are mixed under the action of the convective mixing principle and are in a state of weight loss at an instant, so as to obtain a uniform mixture. A liquid spraying port can also be installed above the container for solid-liquid mixing of spraying liquid.

The rotation speed of the machine is 50% – 80% of the critical speed. When the blade distance is small, it can approach the critical speed.

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