Effect of alumina powder on properties of amorphous refractories


With the development of energy conservation and emission reduction and clean steel smelting technology, the refractories used in iron and steel smelting equipment are developing towards high performance and long life, and the proportion of amorphous refractories is also increasing year by year. Pan mixer can mix refractory castable material homogeneously. 

The rapid growth of R & D and application of amorphous refractories is closely related to the rapid development of micro powder and bonding system. As the main component in the matrix, micro powder will significantly affect the service performance of amorphous refractories.

Micro powder in the castable can effectively fill the gap between aggregate and fine powder, so as to reduce the amount of water added and reduce the pores left by the material after removing water, which is conducive to improving the bulk density of the material, reducing the apparent porosity and pore size, and improving the mechanical properties of the material. On the other hand, the surface of micro powder particles can adsorb dispersant to form a water film, which plays a lubricating role and helps to improve the construction performance of materials. Alumina powder can be divided into calcined alumina and activated alumina according to the activity, and can be divided into single peak, double peak and multi peak according to the particle size distribution. According to the needs of the use characteristics of amorphous refractories, selecting suitable micro powder can effectively control the index characteristics such as water addition, rheological properties and sintering, so as to obtain the required high-temperature properties such as porosity, pore structure, strength development, thermal expansion, slag resistance and thermal shock resistance.

This report introduces the index characteristics of alumina micro powder, discusses the use characteristics of different alumina micro powder in amorphous refractories, and discusses the customized R & D under different use environments, so as to provide a scheme for the high performance and stable development of amorphous refractories.

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