Horizontal cement silo


The horizontal cement silo is a closed silo for storing materials, which is suitable for storing grain, cement, fly ash and other materials. The silo is equipped with a material level system, which can display the position and amount of materials. The top is equipped with a safety valve. Under normal circumstances, the cement silo is safe. The silo top is equipped with a dust removal device to avoid dust pollution. The arch breaking device can relieve the firmness caused by long-term material deposition. The horizontal cement bin and screw pump can be used together to transport materials to various positions. The tank is easy to install and is the bulk storage tank of the mixing plant.

There are three specifications of cement silo: bolted cement silo, integral cement silo and horizontal cement silo.


The sheet cement bin is a combined cement bin. The bin body is formed and die cast by a press. The product is small and easy to transport. Suitable for export container loading and domestic long-distance transportation.

The overall cement silo is an integrated cement silo with large volume, which is suitable for short distance transportation. Among them, 200t and 300t cement silos need to be fabricated on site.

The horizontal cement silo is an integrated cement silo, which is characterized in that the product itself can be transported below 100 tons, and the cement silo above 100 tons needs to be fabricated on site.

Daily maintenance of horizontal cement silo:

According to the form of bin top dust collector used in cement tank, it mainly includes the following parts:

1. Filter system: check whether the bag inside the dust collector needs to be replaced (if it is controlled by differential pressure, directly look at the differential pressure gauge)

2. Check the ash cleaning system: according to different dust collectors, there are mainly mechanical ash cleaning mechanism and pulse ash cleaning mechanism.

3. Power system: check whether the induced draft fan operates normally and daily maintenance of main fans (some warehouse top dust collectors are not equipped with fans)

4. Equipment itself: check the tightness of the equipment (prevent air leakage).

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