Shipment the precast industry concrete batching plant to Saudi Arabia

On September 17, 2021 one completely unit concrete batching plant loaded in our workshop successfully. This batching plant used MPC750 planetary concrete mixer for customer precast concrete products. 

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Vertical Planetary mixer in the industry is a new type of mixing equipment, which has the advantages of high production efficiency, large output and low maintenance. However, for mixer operators, they will also encounter some problems, especially non senior operators. First of all, there is no need to panic. Generally, they can solve the problems themselves according to the troubleshooting causes of equipment problems. Here, I summarize the common faults of vertical shaft planetary mixer, their causes and how to eliminate them, as follows:

First: phenomenon: the mixing shaft of vertical shaft p

lanetary mixer does not rotate

(1) Cause of failure:

1. Overload;

2. The mixing blade and lining plate of vertical shaft planetary mixer are stuck with foreign matters;

3. Phase failure of power supply.

(2) Methods to eliminate non rotation of mixing shaft:

1. Discharge too much material from the mixing drum;

2. Unload the materials in the mixing drum and take out the foreign matters;

3. Check the equipment circuit and correct the circuit to normal.

Second: phenomenon: the reducer is overheated or noisy

(1) Cause of failure:

1. There are foreign matters in the reduction box;

2. Bearing damage;

3. Poor lubrication.

(2) Methods to eliminate overheating or noise of reducer:

1. Clean the reduction gearbox and replace the damaged parts;

2. Replace the bearing;

3. Add oil according to the instructions.

Third: phenomenon: the vertical shaft planetary mixer motor is overheated

(1) Cause of fault: overload or low voltage

(2) Eliminate overheating of vertical shaft planetary mixer motor and adjust load and voltage.

Fourth: phenomenon: leakage of discharge door of vertical shaft planetary mixer

(1) Cause of failure:

1. The sealing strip bolts are loose or the discharge door is worn;

2. The lining plate of the discharge door is seriously worn;

3. The clearance between the discharge door and the mixing drum is too large.

(2) Method for eliminating leakage of discharge door of vertical shaft planetary mixer:

1. Tighten the seal bolt or replace the seal;

2. Replace the door lining plate or discharge door;

3. Adjust the sealing strip or replace the discharge door lining plate.

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